The Alice Bracelet

A gathering of special vintage/antique silver charms and lockets, embellishments of paint and clay, a pair of tiny antique glass eyes plus a love for Lewis Carroll's words and the art of John Tenniel. SOLD.

Mechanical, vintage, silver... hearts, an antique teapot and March Hare....

 Opening charms: silver rose, thatched cottage and scrolled pig...

Tenniel's illustrated Alice and a photo of the real Alice Pleasance Liddell.

Tiny tapestry painting of The Duchess.

The Dodo Bird, Green Glass 'tears' and The Queen of Hearts.

Back of Humpty, Alice and the White Rabbit with the antique teapot.

Hand-sculpted, mechanical Humpty with glass eyes.

Alice silver-based characters painted in delicate detailed layers.

The Alice Bracelet


  1. this is adorable...TP

  2. Jill, your work is amazingly, fabulously, whimsically gorgeous!!! I saw one of your tiny cabinets on Pinterest, and tracked you down. I wasn't disappointed! Your work reminds me of two artist/mentor friends: Jo Sonja Jansen, and Helan Barrick, and with more than a dash of Shirley Wilson. These women paint for the pure joy of creating. I see the same joy in your work.

    1. Hi Carolyn! Thanks so much for the lovely words!! I looked up the artists you compared me to....beautiful work from these ladies! I really appreciate you stopping by to take a peek and comment! Best to you!